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Our Bike Shop sits in a separate building on the south end of the property. We stock a huge variety of bicycles for just about every type of rider; we build everything from completely custom race bikes to you child's first two-wheeler. Our service department offers a complete menu of maintenance and tuning services, all performed by certified and expert mechanics. Whether it is road riding, mountain biking, or bike commuting, we are the shop that has it all. Come visit us today! 

Staff Mountain Bikes


We've zeroed in on a few of our most avid mountain bikers here at the store to learn more about their most prized possession: their bikes. Read on to find out what styles they ride, what custom pieces are they love the most, and their favorite parks and trails.


Specialized Demo Custom (2014)


Type: Downhill

Owner: Eric Gance


What do you love about this bike?

As soon as you throw a leg over this majestic steed, you're bound to get weird. It has full frontal & rear air suspension which means it's tunable, which is nice. I love the aluminum spokes too. It's a weird combination in that it's a 26" whereas most new downhill bikes are 27.5", but I personally enjoy it. 

What parts of this bike are custom?

Everything on this bike is custom. I started with just the frame and went from there. Some interesting things about it are while most downhill bikes come with a 1x9 drivetrain, I put a 1x10 on mine. 

What will your next purchase be for this bike?

Nothing. This bike is perfect. The next purchase of mine would be a new bike altogether if this thing ever failed (which it won't).

What is your favorite spot to ride?

Highland Mountain in New Hampshire.

How much time do you spend working on your bike?

I spend about an hour every two weeks making minor adjustments and tuning.

How long have you had this bike and how many runs have you done?

I got it in November of 2014, and I've ridden hundreds of runs, and have ridden countless miles and hours on it.


Specialized Ruze Women's (2015)


Type: Trail Bike

Owner: Heidi Smith


What do you love about this bike?

I like the 3 inch tires because I can run a lower tire pressure and basically ride over anything. I also just started playing around with using the dropper post. I'm happy that the guys in the bike shop convinced me to spend the extra dough, because it really makes a difference in balance and technique. It allows me to lean back and center myself while going downhill.

What parts of this bike are custom?

I got studded pedals, but nothing else yet. 

What will be your next purchase for this bike?

Accessories. While it's not necessarily for the bike itself, I definitely want a hydration pack so I can carry tools, and nutrition on the trails. I also would like a new helmet. 

What's your favorite spot to ride?

Kingdom trails in Burke, VT.

How much time do you spend working on your bike?

I usually have the shop guys work on it for me. They really know what they're doing. 

When did you get this bike and how many miles have you ridden?
I got it 3 years ago and I'd say I've ridden every two weeks for trips so I've definitely racked up a good amount of miles on it.  


Santa Cruz Tall Boy LT (2015)


Type: Trail Bike

Owner: Will Maxwell


What do you love about this bike?

It's a great all-around bike that can do anything and go anywhere. It has a dropper seat post with a trigger to adjust the seat while you ride, so you can adjust for uphill or downhill riding. It's got a carbon frame, making it super light - only 26 pounds.

What parts of this bike are custom?

The entire bike is custom; I bought the frame with the fork and added every other piece, all from different brands. The most significant of these components are the handlebars, the cranks, the 29-inch I9 wheels, and the SRAM X11 drivetrain.

What is your favorite spot to ride?

The Wilton Town Forest is my favorite local spot, but overall, Highland Mountain in New Hampshire.

What will be your next purchase for this bike?

It's perfect! It needs nothing.

How much time do you spend working on your bike?
I spend about a half hour a week cleaning, tuning, and making minor adjustments. I ride a few times a week so I always try to make all the necessary adjustments to keep it in good shape for the next ride.

How long have you had this bike and how many miles have you ridden?

I built it in September of 2014 and have put about 500 miles on it. 


Specialized Fat Boy (2015)



Type: Trail Bike

Owner: Tyler Stowell


What do you love about this bike?

The fat tires have an unbelievable amount of grip. They make this thing unstoppable in any weather, not to mention really fun to ride.

What will your next purchase be for this bike?

Right now the plan is to get a Dropper Post at some point for the bike.

What parts of this bike are custom?

The drive train and the brakes are both custom.

What is your favorite spot to ride?

My favorite spot is definitely Farrington Woods in Danbury, CT.

How much time do you spend working on your bike?

I don't spend a ton of time working on my bike but I definitely take care of it for the amount of riding hours and miles I put on it.

How long have you had this bike and how many miles have you ridden?

This thing was built to last for sure. I bought it back in 2015 and have put at least 100 miles on it, if not more. I'm just glad we have great guys in our bike shop to work on it, too.


Specialized Stump Jumper 29er Elite FSR (2015)



Type: Trail Bike

Owner: Shane McCabe


What do you love about this bike?

The full suspension is great; FSR is Specialized's patented full suspension system. It has 29-inch wheels which help the bike keep its speed up.

What will your next purchase be for this bike?

Right now I like it how it is, but things can always be improved.

What parts of this bike are custom?

So far, the seatpost, brakes, drive train, handlebar, and stem are all custom. They're all working out really well for me thus far.

What is your favorite spot to ride?

Farrington Woods in Danbury, CT.

How much time do you spend working on your bike?

I work on my bike once a week, washing it and doing maintenance so it lasts as long as possible.

How long have you had this bike and how many miles have you ridden?

I got it in April of 2014 and have put a whopping 700 miles on it so far. If I keep up my maintenance it will be many more.


Our bike shop staff is a team of dedicated experts who can help you find the perfect mountain bike for your style of riding. We sell top brand mountain bikes, from cyclocross to park bikes and everything in between. Our mechanics can help you customize your bike any way you want, and are always here whenever you need a tune-up or a repair.




Full Service Bike Workshop


Outdoor Sports Center has a very experienced and professional workshop staff. Whether you need a tube and tire change or a complete custom build for your next race, at our bike workshop you are always in good hands. We offer competetive pricing on skilled service for any bike. Minor repairs or tube and tire changes can be performed on the spot and the turn around on a tune-up can be as short as same day. We are proud to have a mechanic on our staff with the highest level of certification a mechanic can hold from the Barnett Bicycle Insitute. He is the only Certified Elite Mechanic in the state of Connecticut, so you can be sure that the level of expertise you are getting is the best available. We are as passionate about riding as our dedicated customers, so we work hard to get you out riding again as soon as possible.




Workshop Rates



Bike Tunes

30 Rides Check-up FREE*
Base Wash plus true wheels, adjust gears, lubricate cables, and inflate tires.  
*Free with purchase of a new Outdoor Sports Center Bike.  
Bike Wash $40.00
Scrub and rinse frame, wheels, handlebar, cassette, pullies, and derailleurs. Degrease the drive trail with eco-friendly degreaser, re-lubricate, and inflate tires.   
Single Speed $85.00
Bike wash, plus true wheels, adjust brakes, lubricate cables, and inflate tires.   
Base Tune $100.00
Base Wash plus true wheels, adjust gears, lubricate cables, and inflate tires.   
Ultra Tune $150.00*
Base Tune plus removal of chain, casette, front and rear derailleurs ultrasonically clean and reinstall.   
*Price includes missing link.  
Ultra Tune Plus $275.00*
Ultra Tune Plus strip bike, replace all cables, rebuild, and lubricate. Overhaul bottom bracket and headset.   
*Free installation of parts purchased from Outdoor Sports Center. 


New Bike Build $100
Completion of assembly, true wheels, adjust gears, tighten all bolts and inflate tires.   
Frame-Up Build $200.00
Fully assemble bike from scratch.   
Shipping Rebuild $85.00
Assemble, true wheels, adjust gears, and tighten all bolts.   
Shipping Preparation $75.00
Pack bike in box and secure all parts.  Plus Shipping and Handling


Front Wheel $120.00
Wheel Building Rear $150.00


Casette/Freewheel Installation $15.00
Remove old cassette, or freewheel, and install new one.   
Tape installation $20.00
Shift/Brake Cable Replacement $20.00
Remove and replace cable and housing, adjust gears and brakes accordingly.   
Chain Installation $20.00
Inspect chain and cassette cogs, make necessary adjustments and install new chain.   
Derailleur Adjustment $30.00
Check derailleur, hanger, cable tension, cable condition, and adjust upper/lower throw.   
Di2 Gear Adjustment $45.00
Latest firmware update for Di2 system, combined with gear adjustment.  
Non Hydraulic Brake Adjustment   $30.00/Brake
Check pads, tension, and torque.   
Hydraulic Brake Bleed $50.00/Brake
Check brake pads, rotor, reset pistons, and bleed brakes.   
Torque Check  $44.00
Check and adjust torque setting for headset, handlebars, seatpost, crankset, bottom braket, pedals, derailleurs, and brake system.   
Wheel Truing $30.00
Remove tire and tube, check lateral and radial spoke tension, and spoke nipples.   
Tire/Tube Installation  $15.00/Wheel
Check and install new tire and tube.   
Tubeless Conversion $50.00*
*Parts Included
Tubeless Overhaul $30.00
Cleaning and removal of old sealant installation of new sealant.  
*Parts Included  
Tubular Tire Installation $80/Wheel
Remove tire, true wheels, remove, and apply glue.   
*Parts Included  
Headset/Overhaul Installation $35.00
Remove stem and fork, clean and reinstall head set.   
BB Overhaul/Install $40.00
Remove crank, clean, grease, and reinstall BB.   
Rear Shock Service $100.00
Suspension Fork Installation $50.00
Suspension Fork Service  $100.00





GURU Fit System


The best bike starts with a proper fit. Our bike shop offers a new revolutionary approach to finding your perfect bike on the GURU FIT SYSTEM! This advanced computer scan technology can measure your exact specifications to help you select the right size and model for your riding style. Whether you're in the market for a new road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon or recreational bike, the GURU Fit System will scan its database of over 10,000 bikes to find a perfect match!


How it Works:

The GURU Fit System has two key components: a robotic bike and a 3D scan camera to capture your exact measurements. The new Connect 2.0 camera, can shoot more frames per second to measure precise body angles and alignment, all while you are sitting and pedaling on the GURU bike. Our technician will then make adjustments in real-time so that you can compare the feeling of each different setting. The bike will adjust at an incline and decline to simulate different riding conditions, to guarantee you are comfortable no matter where you are riding.

We offer two types of sessions:

Sizing -- For anyone who wants to test a variety of bikes or make fine tune adjustments to their current bike. The prices of sizing and fitting sessions include the modifications that are made to the bike (only additional parts cost extra).
Road, MTB (15-30 mins) A sizing session is complimentary when you are buying a bike from Outdoor Sports Center.

What's included:

1. Our 3D scan camera will capture your exact measurements, in seconds and search the GURU Fit Systems computer database to find a bike as a starting point.

2. While sitting and pedaling on on the GURU Bike, the motion capture 3D camera will measure your precise body angles, so the technician can fine tune your bikes: saddle height, handlebar reach, and handlebar height to make proper adjustments.

3. After we discover your preferences, you will test the bike on an incline and decline to simulate different riding conditions and ensure you're comfortable and safe! In the end, you will have the best brand, model, frame size and stem size that fits you!

4. We can then use the x/y coordinates to fine-tune an existing or brand new bike! 


Fitting --
 A more in-depth process, where we zero in on every part of your bike to correct alignment issues, for your body, speed and performance.
Road/MTB, TRI (1-2hrs)

What's included:  After going through everything in the sizing session, we will work more closely with you to ensure maximum performance by:

-Evaluating riders history
-Monitoring cleat positioning and recommending shoe inserts
-Adjusting crank length, based on your height
-Testing different handlebar widths and saddle options
-Correcting saddle height, and handlebar reach as well as height
-Testing limitations though power resistents
-Show body positioning with live video feed
-Final fit coordinates emailed to you
-X/Y Coordinates transferred to your bike at no additional cost







Teach Safe Cycling


Last year we gave you the top tips and tricks for teaching your children to ride, and this year we want to zero in on making sure they stay safe on the road! The same safety precautions apply whether they are riding in the backyard, local trails, or around the neighborhood streets. When children learn biking safety at a young age, these guidelines become second nature to them, ensuring that they continue to practice safe cycling throughout their lives. We've put together a few of the most important rules to follow to make sure your little cyclists continue to stay safe and have a great time!

Always Wear a Helmet:

  • Be sure your child's helmet is the right size: tight enough that it can't be pulled up or twisted around when buckled securely, and big enough that it covers the child's forehead.
  • On the off-chance that your child does have a crash that impacts the helmet, it is mandatory that you replace the helmet right away. Helmets are considered a one-time use product, and after they have been heavily impacted once, they are no longer safe to use.

Check the Following Features to Ensure a Safe Ride:

  • Brakes: make sure they are working properly.
  • Tires: check that they have plenty of air, and the correct PSI.
  • Bolts: the seat, handlebars and wheels should be screwed on tightly.

Additional Safety Tips:

  • All the kid's bikes we sell come with reflectors, but it is wise to also use a taillight even during the day to be sure that drivers are aware.
  • Be careful of loose pants and shoelaces, which can get stuck on the chain.
  • Riding barefoot or in flip-flops is not very safe, so be sure your child has a good pair of sneakers.

Kid's Bikes for All Sizes

If you're shopping for your child's first bike, or need to go a size up from last year's, here is a quick guide to our kid's bikes and the different sizes we offer. Kid's bikes are sized in inches based on the wheel size. Be sure to always have your child sized by a professional here in our bike shop; riding the wrong size bike can be very unsafe. Once your child has outgrown a 24" bike, it is time to move on to adult bikes!




Trail 16"   |   Trail 20"   |   Street 24" (also available: Trail 24" and Race 24")




Hot Rock 12"   |   Hot Rock 16"   |   Hot Rock 20" Single Speed (multi-speed options also available)   |   Hot Rock 24" (cross country, street, and Rip Rock fat tire options also available)


Balance Bikes - 12"


Strider   |   Specialized Hot Walk

Bike Service Pick-up


Let us take the hassle out of bike repairs. Schedule a time for us to pick up your bike right from your home for a faster and more convenient service than ever before. The best part is our pick-up service comes to you at no additional cost. Call today to book an appointment.


All Neighboring Towns
Our pick-up service is avaialble in Wilton, Ridgefield, Redding, Weston, Westport, Norwalk, New Canaan, Lewisboro and Pound Ridge. Not sure if you fall in our service area? Give us a call at (203) 762-8797


Easy Scheduling
We know life gets busy, so let us pick up your bike right from your home to make bike tune ups and repairs, hassle free. Our certified bike mechanics will diagnose your bicycle at the shop and call you with a quote. Once you have approved the quote, they will fix your bike and let you know when its ready. Our van pick up is operating during regular business hours Monday–Friday 10 am to 6 pm.


Put safety first without sacrificing your schedule and get the whole family's bikes tuned for spring. Our Outdoors Sports Center van can easily fit all of your family's bikes secured in the back. Check Out our Full Bike Service Rates.

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