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Our Bike Shop sits in a separate building on the south end of the property. We stock a huge variety of bicycles for just about every type of rider; we build everything from completely custom race bikes to you child's first two-wheeler. Our service department offers a complete menu of maintenance and tuning services, all performed by certified and expert mechanics. Whether it is road riding, mountain biking, or bike commuting, we are the shop that has it all. Come visit us today! 

Why Tune Your Bike?


Getting your bike tuned is absolutely necessary if you want it to perform as safely and efficiently as possible. We created a short 2-minute video that explains how we tune your bike and why the process is so important. Not sure if you need a tune-up? We've put together a list of four telltale signs that your bike needs some love, below: 

Updated-1How Do I Know When to Get My Bike Tuned?

1. If you can't remember the last time you did it.You should get your bike tuned yearly, even if it sat in the garage all season or if you were riding it every day. The last thing you want is to go for your first ride of the season and find out parts are misaligned, tires are flat, or worse, your brakes aren't working.

2. If you feel your brakes getting "sticky." Sticky brakes happen when the brake lever doesn't spring back to its original position after you depress it. Disc and padded brakes can wear differently, but regardless, all brakes must have well-lubricated parts to prevent lag and maximize safety. Your pad brakes might wear down quicker, but they'll be cheaper to replace.

3. Difficulty shifting.
If your bike is taking a long time to shift between gears, your front or rear derailleurs could be out of alignment. Your shifting cables could be stretched too. Our mechanics will determine the exact cause and consult with you before they replace any parts that might cost extra.

4. Strange reoccurring noises from the wheels. This could be your wheel coming out of alignment and make braking uneven. In some cases a strange noise can be solved by truing the wheels, which is included in our tune.