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Our apparel department is stocked with the best brands from around the world. We have technical outerwear, active-wear, and casual clothing for men, women, and children. We can outfit you for just about every adventurous activity that you have planned. We also carry many styles of casual clothing from top brands like Patagonia, Arc'Teryx, and The North Face. Come in today and see what we have to offer.

Fall is for Fleece


Fleece is a staple fabric from fall through spring, and with the variety of fleece weights and textures, you can find the right weight and feel for you. Fleece is made of synthetic fibers like polyethylene or recycled plastic bottles. Fleece traps heat from your body in little air pockets, which help to keep you warm. It's great at retaining heat when wet, though it is hydrophobic and generally does a great job repelling water. At the same time, it's a very breathable fabric, so it will keep you warm without trapping unnecessary heat. Whether you need a new mid-layer for skiing or just a casual jacket for everyday use in the fall, we have numerous for you to choose from!



Patagonia Retro-X

The Retro-X is a wind-proof fleece jacket in a classic, timeless style. The fleece is high-pile, meaning that it is fluffy-looking rather than smooth (but still incredibly soft!). This piece is perfect for everyday wear and fall hiking, and can even fit a mid-layer underneath for added warmth.

Patagonia Reversible R3 
The R3 made with Polartec high loft polyester fleece, which helps to make the piece more breathable. The grid patterning is tight enough to trap heat, but spread out enough to allow proper ventilation. We also carry this jacket for men. It is perfect as a mid-layer under a shell, or as a stand-alone everyday piece.

Arc'teryx Rho AR  
The Rho AR is a heavyweight stretch fleece. It can be used as a mid-layer or even as a heavy-weight baselayer for those excursions on super cold days.

The North Face Osito
The Osito is a hoodie made of polyester silken fleece. It offers lightweight warmth and may just be the softest thing on our sales floor! It makes the perfect everyday piece for fall and keep you cozy under your winter coat once the temperatures drop.

Kuhl Flight Jacket
If the Osito is the softest piece in our store, then the Flight Jacket is a very close second. It is made of soft and luxurious Italian fleece, which is high pile and makes you want to run your fingers through it. Vintage microsuede accents make this jacket even more unique.


Patagonia Synchilla
The classic Synchilla is made of durable heavyweight polyester fleece, and as Patagonia puts it, it is "the pullover that made fleece famous." It's what most people would consider standard or "regular" fleece. While it's a bit bulky to wear while skiing, it is a perfect everyday piece for cool days in fall or spring. We also carry this pullover for women.

Patagonia Better Sweater
The Better Sweater has the look of a classic sweater on the outside, with the warmth and technical benefits of fleece on the inside. This makes a wonderful everyday piece; it has the warmth you need while also being attractive and classic looking. We also carry this sweater for women.

Arc'teryx Arenite Hoody
The Arenite Hoody is a full-zip, hard-faced fleece. It feels smooth on the outside, with the fuzzy warmth of fleece on the inside. It is the warmest fleece in the Arc'teryx Essentials collection. It is perfect as a mid-layer underneath a shell. We also carry this jacket for women. 

Rab Nucleus Pull On Jacket
The Nucleus has grid fleece on the inside, which helps it to trap aid but also makes it more breathable and allows for proper ventilation. This piece makes an excellent mid-layer under a shell, or works well as a stand-alone everyday piece.

The North Face TKA 100 Glacier 1/4 Zip  
The TKA 100 Glacier is a classic fleece piece that is perfect as an everyday pullover or a mid-layer for skiing. We also carry this piece for women.

Gear for Dogs


Fall is here, and with mild temperatures and little humidity, we're eager to start spending longer periods of time outside. Our area is filled with great places to enjoy the outdoors with your dog, and even more of these places open up in the fall. We've compiled a list of local parks, trails and beaches that are animal-friendly to romp around in the fallen leaves! Be prepared for cold weather, and ensure your dogs safety with the best gear from Ruffwear.


Fall Vests for You and Your Dog


Cranbury Park - This park is right around the corner from our store, and offers a series of hiking trails that are great for hiking with the whole family. They aren't too difficult, but the terrain is varied enough to be interesting and fun. Leashes are not required at Cranbury Park, but you must have one on hand just in case. It's hard to predict the temperatures when hiking in fall--sometimes a warm day can turn chilly very suddenly. A vest is an essential fall piece that will keep your core warm without having the all-over coverage of a jacket, and the best part is, we carry them for dogs as well! For you, we recommend the Thermoball Vest from North Face, which is filled with small clusters of synthetic fibers that pack in warmth between them. For your pup, the Cloud Chaser coat is the perfect little shirt for staying out in all weather conditions. It's waterproof, windproof, and insulated to maintain core body temperature, with four-way stretch for ease of movement.


Running Safety for All


NRVT - The Norwalk River Valley Trail is shrouded in trees, and a great place to appreciate the changing foliage. Eventually this trail will stretch all the way from Norwalk to Danbury, but the shorter finished sections are perfect for a nice jog with your pooch. The NRVT is a wide gravel path that is generally flat, and leashed dogs are more than welcome! We recommend using get a Ruffwear Roamer Leash, which sits comfortably around your waist with a stretch webbing to keep your arm safe and prevent your dog from pulling . It is also important to bring water, to keep you both hydrated when running. Carrying a handheld bottle like the Quickdraw Plus by Nathan will hold enough water for you and your dog, and it straps comfortably around your hand for easy sipping. Carry this water bottle in your alternate hand from where your dog is so you can quickly grab the lease in case another dog comes along the trail.


Water Dogs


All Fairfield and Westport beaches are open to dogs starting October 1st till March 31st, and town beach stickers are not required during this time. Your dog will love darting across the sand and splashing in the shallow water! Leashes are required at most beaches, but at Jennings Beach in Fairfield you can let your pup roam free off the leash. Make sure your dog stays hydrated when he's running around, especially at the beach where he will likely lap up some salt water. Bring a collapsible bowl, such as the Ruffwear Bivy Bowl. They fold down flat for easy storage and can be filled up whenever your dog needs a break and a nice cold drink. For you, we recommend always bringing a windbreaker to the beach. It tends to be considerably more windy there than the rest of town, and the Atom LT from Arc'teryx is a great choice to help you stay warm. While most windbreakers are just a shell without much warmth, this jacket is insulated and will be your go-to jacket from early fall into the winter.


Carry All the Essentials

Once your pup is comfortable going on long walks, consider a doggie backpack to carry some of the supplies you both need. The Approach Pack by Ruffwear offers comfortable weight distribution and five points of adjustment for a customizable fit. Of course, it is important to transition your dog into carrying any weight at all. Start by having him wear the pack without anything in it, and go for a hike. If he likes it, start small by putting only little things in it. Pretty soon your pup will be able to carry his own collapsible bowl and first aid kit!! Until then, you can carry your dog's things on your back with you. A great pack for a long day hike is the North Face Angstrom. You can store everything you'll need for the day, from extra water bottles to extra layers, but the pack itself is light, weighing in at just 2 pounds. It includes a hip belt for comfortable carrying, multiple pockets to keep your gear organized, and is compatible with a hydration reservoir.


In addition to exploring local parks, trails, and beaches, your dog will also love these pup-friendly fairs that are coming this fall:

K-9 Karnival
Saturday, Sept. 26
This dog-centered event is put on by the Trap Falls Kennel Club, and includes contests for your pups such as best trick and best dressed! You can enter raffles, meet the breeds, and watch police dog demos, among other fun activities that you and your dog will both love. Leashed dogs are welcome!

11th Annual Dog Days of Summer
New Milford
Saturday, Sept. 26
This fair will be full of local vendors and various dog-related demos, such as a rescue dog and a hunting dog demo. Not only is this an event that will offer a day of fun for humans and dogs alike, but it also raises money for the animals cared for by the Animal Welfare Society. Leashed dogs are welcome!

Danbury Animal Welfare Society Fall Fest
Sunday Oct. 17
The focus of this event is on educating children and adults about how to care for a dog or cat, with fun engaging activities to promote learning. The day will include seminars about everything from understanding how animals communicate through body language to integrating a new pet into your home. Although people are not allowed to bring their own dogs to this event, it is a great opportunity to meet adoptable animals from the shelter! 


Layer Up


Whether you are skiing, mountaineering, or just venturing outside on a winter day, it's important to layer properly and wear the right fabrics to keep you dry and comfortable. You never know when you may need to shed a layer (or add one!), and it's very important to have that option. Furthermore, the fabrics that you choose to wear have a huge impact on your comfort and safety, especially if you will be facing the elements. Read on to learn about some of the products we recommend for staying comfortable throughout all the conditions of the coming season.

Base Layer
While we love a good cotton shirt, it is never a good idea to wear this material when trying to stay warm. Cotton holds moisture to your skin and will end up making you colder. Wool and synthetics make the best base layers. Merino wool is breathable and dry and will hold up to a third its weight in moisture before it even starts to feel wet. Wool is also odor resistant, and unlike the itchy wool of the past, merino wool is soft and comfortable against your skin. Synthetics, such as polypropylene and nylon, are specially designed to be moisture wicking, fast drying, and to retain heat.


base layer: Patagonia Capilene MW Zip Neck, $69
vest: The North Face Thermoball Vest, $134.95
insulated jacket: Salomon Brilliant Jacket, $350

Mid-layers are made from a wide variety of different materials. Many fleece pieces are great as mid-layers--check out our favorite fleeces and see which ones we recommend for skiing. Fleece, down or synthetic insulation will trap your body heat from escaping into the cold air around you. Fleece and synthetic insulated jackets have the added benefit of keeping you warm even if they get wet, while down has the advantage of being super packable and light. The best part about mid-layers is how versatile they are, as they can also be used as light outerwear in the fall or on warmer winter days.


base layer: Smartwool NTS Mid 250 Crew LA, $95
mid-layer: Patagonia R3 Hoody, $199
insulated jacket: Obermeyer Leighton Jacket, $350

A hard shell will be windproof and waterproof, acting as an important layering piece and allowing you to dress for the temperature underneath and utilize the shell mainly as protection against the weather. Shells are an important layering piece because you can dress for the temperature underneath and then utilize the shell mainly as protection against the weather. Goretex is the top name-brand material used by our brands in waterproofing; it's a durable membrane that can adhere to a fabric to make it wind- and waterproof.


base layer: Icebreaker Oasis LS Crew, $90
mid-layer: Patagonia Nano-Air Hoodie, $299
shell: Arc'teryx Tantalus Jacket, $675

Insulated Jackets
Many ski jackets and general winter coats are insulated, offering a ton of warmth all on their own. They can be worn with just a base layer underneath, or a base and mid-layer for additional warmth and layering options. Lots of insulsted jackets are waterproof. Insulated coats are a combination of a mid-layer and shell together. While they aren't as versatile in temperature ranges as layering with a mid-layer and shell, it is very easy to grab only one coat and stay warm and dry on your winter outing.   


base layer: Hot Chilly's MEC Crew Neck, $60
vest: Ibex Shak Vest, $130
insulated jacket: Bogner Fire+Ice Lela-D Jacket, $700

Sometimes a base layer can be enough to wear underneath your insulated jacket, but other times you'll feel that you need a little something extra without adding an entire mid-layer to the mix. This is where vests come in, allowing you to keep your core nice and warm without adding too much extra bulk.

Back to School


Get ready to go back to school with great brands that provide comfort, durability, and style, keeping you focused on a smooth school year ahead.

August 20th to 26th is Tax Free Week in the state of Connecticut! All clothing and footwear items under $100 will be free of sales tax. Shop for back to school and save 6.35%.


Fall Apparel

Get ready for cooler temperatures around campus with all new flannels and fleeces from Patagonia. We have swapped out our summer styles with warm layers, and cozy sweaters for the season ahead. Stop by and shop for you or your kids to head back to school during Tax-Free Week (August 20th to 26th) for extra savings! We even have Canada goose Jackets on shelves now if you're as excited as us for winter.  







Check out our newest selection of Asics in every size and color. We have new inventory arriving daily for your ever growing needs. Footwear options include winter boots, sneakers, rain boots, and much more. Take advantage of Tax Free Week to save money and stock up on what you need for the school year! 




A new school year means a busy routine, and our sturdy backpacks provide organization to help you stay on top of your schedule. With separate compartments for your laptop, notebooks, phone, small items, and even sunglasses, there is a place for everything to stay safe. Classic favorites from The North Face come in a variety of styles and colors with all the features you need. Looking for something more durable? Osprey backpacks have compartments to keep your laptop and sunglasses safe and protected from the rigors of a busy school day.





Earth Day 2017


This Saturday, April 22nd, is Earth Day, a holiday centered around respecting our planet and enjoying the outdoors! While we try to uphold these values all throughout the year, Earth Day is a great time to focus extra energy on caring for and appreciating the natural world in as many ways as we can. We recommend taking time to enjoy nearby parks and trails, such as the Norwalk River Valley Trail, which is constantly growing and incorporating new miles of trail! We know you care about the outdoors just as much as we do, so we're offering up some suggestions of how to spend time outside and do good things for our planet this week.  

Picking up trash while exploring local parks and trails is a great way to celebrate Earth Day and help out, while also enjoying the spring weather in the outdoors (which we know you'll be doing anyway!). Bring a bag and some old gloves and scoop up any garbage you see along the way.

It's important to reduce the amount of plastic we use, as plastic waste is one of the biggest problems our planet faces today. It can be much easier than you think to use less plastic on a day to day basis, with simple products like reusable water bottles and camp utensils. We recommend water bottles from Camelbak, Nalgene or Hydroflask. Reusable camp utensils, cups, and more from Sea to Summit or MSR are a great alternative to bringing the plastic, disposable varieties.

One of our lifestyle brands, United by Blue, has an amazing mission that makes us feel like every day is Earth Day! For every item of clothing sold, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from our oceans and waterways. They hold cleanup events that are open to anyone who wants to come and help out, but even if you aren't able to attend one, simply purchasing an item from their brand is a huge help to the environment.

Local Earth Day Events

Earth Day Celebration at Woodcock Nature Center
56 Deer Run Road, Wilton, CT | 8:00 - 11:30 AM, April 22nd
On Earth Day, Woodcock Nature Center invites nature lovers of all ages to explore the outdoors with guided hikes at 8AM, 9AM, 10:30AM and 11AM! Join staff members for a spring exploration hike to appreciate the beauty of nature and learn about local birds returing from migration. Later that morning, gather to hear Staff Educator, Jennifer Bradshaw, read the fantastic tale called "the Lorax" by Dr. Suess and wander around the grounds to look for creatures from the story. 

Townwide Clean Up Day
The Wilton Conservation Commission |  9 AM - 12 PM, Saturday April 22nd
This event is a great opportunity for citizens to come out and help clean up our community. Volunteers will meet at the Wilton Town Gazebo on the morning of the 22nd and the Conservation Commission will be handing out adult sized work gloves and trash bags to each participant. Groups will then drive to designated areas around town to pick up litter and return to the Town Green after all the litter is picked up to dispose of the garbage bags. For more information on the event or to sign up ahead of time please contact Jenn Fanzutti at the Wilton Department of Environmental Affairs at 203-563-0180. 

Fairfield's Earth Day Celebration
Fairfield Theatre Company |  10 AM - 8 PM, Sunday April 30th
Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration attracts over 1000 attendees, over 100 exhibitors and sponsors with the assistance of over 100 volunteers. The event features live music, a variety of food trucks, a myriad of family-friendly activities like face painting, arts and crafts, games, and more.  To celebrate all our community and earth has to offer, join us for Fairfield's 20th Earth Day Celebration in The Warehouse on Sunday, April 30. Beginning at 10AM, enjoy a free, family friendly day of live music, activities, games, and inspiring films presented in The Warehouse and parking lot. The Annual Ocean Film Festival screening begins immediately following at 6:30PM. Grab tickets now! 


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