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Our apparel department is stocked with the best brands from around the world. We have technical outerwear, active-wear, and casual clothing for men, women, and children. We can outfit you for just about every adventurous activity that you have planned. We also carry many styles of casual clothing from top brands like Patagonia, Arc'Teryx, and The North Face. Come in today and see what we have to offer.

Kid's Swim Gear


Everyone remembers being a kid and never wanting to get out of the water at the end of a hot summer day. Jumping, diving, and splashing around with friends is the best part about summer, whether you're at the lake, the beach or your local pool. You can start getting your children accustomed to the water as early as you want, but most local swim schools have entry level classes starting at age 3. While people can learn to swim at absolutely any age, we recommend getting your kids started as young as possible so that they can feel comfortable in the water and begin to experience the joys of water sports! We've put together a list of our recommendations for gear for new swimmers, all of which will help your kids to learn and fall in love with being in the water. 


Kickboards are a must-have accessory for the new swimmer. Once kids are comfortable kicking while holding onto the wall, the next step is to venture out with a kickboard. A board that won't tip easily is key, and a soft material that won't chafe their arms is also important. The new Jr. Mix-A-Lot Kickboard from Speedo has finger grooves on the sides and bottom, and is made of textured EVA foam that creates a non-slippery surface.



Clockwise from top left: Aquasphere Seal Kid 2, Moby Kid; Speedo Kids' Hydrospex, Tie-Dye Splasher

A good pair of goggles is mandatory for multiple reasons. Getting chlorine or salt in your eyes can be very painful, and goggles are made to suction to the face and seal out water. When learning new strokes, goggles protect the eyes from splashes of water and make it easier to check direction with a quick glance. A mirrored goggle lens will reduce glare on those bright sunny days. We carry several models for children from Speedo and Aquasphere.

Ear Plugs

ear plugs
When kids are first learning to swim, it can be extremely uncomfortable for them when water gets in their ears. A pack of Speedo ear plugs will do the trick; they're made of silicone which offers superior comfort and long-lasting durability.

Fins and Snorkels


Speedo Kids' Aqua Quest Set; U.S. Divers Starboard Fins

Once your child is a seasoned little swimmer, a set of fins is great way for him or her to experience the joy of zooming through the water! Additionally, a snorkeling set with fins, a mask, and a snorkel will provide hours of entertainment; they're tons of fun in the shallows of the local beaches, and are also a must-have for all your beach vacations.

Sport Sunglasses


Summer is finally here, bringing with it lots of bright sunny days and a new range of outdoor activities. While protecting your skin from the sun is a no-brainer, protecting your eyes should be too. Sunglasses are a valuable piece of safety gear during any outdoor activity. They protect your eyes from dirt, dust, bugs, and most importantly, the harmful rays of the sun, which can cause cataracts and other problems with your eyes. The heat of the sun can also dry your eyes out, causing eye fatigue. Not only will sunglasses help you see better to perform your best, but they can help you stay alert and active longer.

We can help you ensure that your eyes remain protected in style, with sunglasses from Smith, Zeal, Maui Jim, Oakley, and Costa. While the first three are old favorites, Costa is a new brand for us, and we're incredibly excited about their polarized lenses and impressive styles. Every pair of Costas that we sell have 580G or 580P lenses, which means that whether they are glass or polycarbonate, they block 100% of UV rays and are 100% polarized for maximum clarity. They obstruct yellow light to enhance color and block blue light to reduce haze and blur, giving you the best possible view from within your frame.

Here are some of our favorite models of sunglasses, with the main features that make them best suited for each outdoor activity you love.


Shades Great for Paddleboarding


Costa Cut 580P in blackout with blue mirror lenses

When spending a day standing on your board and paddling, you want a pair of glasses that won't weigh you down. Costa's Cut 580P is made from nylon, a material that is virtually unbreakable, lighter weight than glass and won't fog. All Costa lenses are polarized, providing 100% UV protection and reducing eye strain. The frame has a slight curve to it, blocking the side of your eye from the reflecting sun in any direction your paddling. These sunglasses were designed with watersports in mind.


Kayak With No Distractions


Maui Jim Ho'okipa in tortoise rose

While kayaking your sight line is expanded over miles of open water and visible sky. The Maui Jim Ho'okipa creates a clear plane of vision, with durable plastic lenses, which offer a higher level of clarity and are resistant to scratches. Their lightweight design and behind-ear grippers will make these a game-changing no-brainer for all your water adventures.


Protect Your Eyes While Running


Smith Pivlock Arena in squall with Chromapop sun lenses

Smith Pivlock Arena in squall with Chromapop sun lenses These toric curved frames provide large coverage and a medium fit. Not only do you have sun protection from all angles during your run, but their carbonic TLT Chromapop sun lens material provides a featherlight and durable lens while filtering and correcting the light to keep you concentrated on your goals and not the sun.


Hike Farther and Longer


Oakley Holbrook in black with Prizm Ruby lens

Oakley's Holbrook is ultra-light and ultra-functionable. Its Prizm lens technology provides control of light resulting in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility. This means your hikes will be more comfortable and more beautiful.


Keep You Eyes Safe While Biking


Smith Pivlock Arena Max in reactor green with purple Sol-X lens

Smith created these lenses with athletes in mind--they are made to fit the face snugly to prevent slipping in the most extreme conditions. A two-position adjustable nosepiece made of Hydrophilic Megol keeps them in place with no distractions. Biking with wrap around frames is important, so your peripheral vision isn't obstructed. The Smith Pivlock has frames set farther back on your temple for better visibility of other riders and oncoming traffic. The wrap around lenses also help to block wind from your eyes and prevent fogging of the lens. The lenses have a gray base, which keeps colors from being altered, with a red mirrored layer that fights glare. The lenses protect against hazardous UV-A, -B and -C rays. They come with two sets of lenses for varying light conditions.


Look Sharp! The Best Lifestyle Shades


Smith Snare in matte tortoise with brown

These sunglasses are both fashionable and functional. They use Smith's Evolve eco-built construction, carbonic lenses, and megol nose pads combined with classic and timeless minimalism to bring forth a utilitarian's fashion piece.


Zeal Windsor in matte tortoise with copper lens

These sunglasses have a fun classic look, great for men and women. The copper elume lenses enhance contrast and depth perception in a wide array of light conditions while making greens, reds, and blues more vivid. The frames are made of plant-based material, so you know they're meant for those who appreciate nature.


Reading on the Beach


Smith Langly in gold with blue Sol-X lenses

These Smith 'aviator' style frames give off that classic beachy vibe, and the polarized Sol-X lenses will keep your eyes comfortable even in the hottest and brightest of beach days. The wire frames are light and durable, and the gold colorway is summery as can be.



For the Kids


Assorted Brands and Styles

We have sunglasses of all styles for little adventurers, from aviators, knock arounds, wayfarer-style, and more. Many of them are polarized and will help protect their eyes from the sun and keep them seeing their adventures clearly far into the future.

Gear for Dogs


Our area is filled with great places to enjoy the outdoors with your dog.. We've compiled a list of local parks, trails and beaches that are animal-friendly to go explore! Be prepared and ensure your dogs safety with the best gear from Ruffwear.



Cranbury Park
- This park is right around the corner from our store, and offers a series of hiking trails that are great for hiking with the whole family. They aren't too difficult, but the terrain is varied enough to be interesting and fun. Leashes are not required at Cranbury Park, but you must have one on hand just in case. For your pup, the Cloud Chaser coat is the perfect little shirt for staying out in all weather conditions. It's waterproof, windproof, and insulated to maintain core body temperature, with four-way stretch for ease of movement.


Running Safety for All


- The Norwalk River Valley Trail is shrouded in trees, and away from the road. Eventually this trail will stretch all the way from Norwalk to Danbury, but the shorter finished sections are perfect for a nice jog with your pooch. The NRVT is a wide gravel path that is generally flat, and leashed dogs are more than welcome! We recommend using get a Ruffwear Roamer Leash, which sits comfortably around your waist with a stretch webbing to keep your arm safe and prevent your dog from pulling . It is also important to bring water, to keep you both hydrated when running. Carrying a handheld bottle like the Quickdraw Plus by Nathan will hold enough water for you and your dog, and it straps comfortably around your hand for easy sipping. Carry this water bottle in your alternate hand from where your dog is so you can quickly grab the lease in case another dog comes along the trail.


Water Dogs


All Fairfield and Westport beaches are open to dogs starting October 1st till March 31st, and town beach stickers are not required during this time. Your dog will love darting across the sand and splashing in the shallow water! Leashes are required at most beaches, but at Jennings Beach in Fairfield you can let your pup roam free off the leash. Make sure your dog stays hydrated when he's running around, especially at the beach where he will likely lap up some salt water. Bring a collapsible bowl, such as the Ruffwear Bivy Bowl. They fold down flat for easy storage and can be filled up whenever your dog needs a break and a nice cold drink. For you, we recommend always bringing a windbreaker to the beach. It tends to be considerably more windy there than the rest of town, and the Atom LT from Arc'teryx is a great choice to help you stay warm. While most windbreakers are just a shell without much warmth, this jacket is insulated and will be your go-to jacket from early fall into the winter.


Carry All the Essentials


Once your pup is comfortable going on long walks, consider a doggie backpack to carry some of the supplies you both need. The Approach Pack by Ruffwear offers comfortable weight distribution and five points of adjustment for a customizable fit. Of course, it is important to transition your dog into carrying any weight at all. Start by having him wear the pack without anything in it, and go for a hike. If he likes it, start small by putting only little things in it. Pretty soon your pup will be able to carry his own collapsible bowl and first aid kit!! Until then, you can carry your dog's things on your back with you. A great pack for a long day hike is the North Face Angstrom. You can store everything you'll need for the day, from extra water bottles to extra layers, but the pack itself is light, weighing in at just 2 pounds. It includes a hip belt for comfortable carrying, multiple pockets to keep your gear organized, and is compatible with a hydration reservoir.