Demo Days 2016! - Outdoor Sports Center

Demo Days 2016!

Last week we took to the slopes at Stratton Mountain to test out the best brands in skiing and snowboarding. Burton, Blizzard, Volkl and many more vendors all had tents fully stocked with their new 2017 sets for next winter! The yearly On-Snow Demo gives us the chance to test next year's gear so we can share first hand the way skis and boards perform to help you make the best choice possible. We tested everything from beginner skis and boards all the way to expert-level, in order to decide which pieces we will bring into our shop next season.



Overall we noticed every brand has designed a lighter ski, dropping extra materials and keeping what counts to create an easier ski to maneuver on the mountain.  We pulled out a few brands that really impressed us and made an impact on how we ride: 



K2: "What really impressed me was how well the K2 skis skied at the end of the day. When the snow was choppy and my legs were jello, I really felt stable and in control. Overall, any ski that makes you feel confident is the right ski for you." -Heidi




Salomon: Salomon has some beautiful new designs, and we were so excited to ski on one fantastic pair, perfect for the budget-conscious skiers out there!



Ride: Ride really impressed me, especially their new fishtail board that can be clasped together at the end to become more rigid. It's such a unique feature and allows the board to ride two entirely different ways. -Samory

Never summer: The Never Summer boards performed wonderfully no matter how bad the snow conditions got. In ice, rain or slush, these boards were champs. -Greg


Rossignol: Rossignol has the most versatile line of skis, with everything from a narrow frontside carver to a wide, powder-oriented ski, which can still carve well on groomed snow! They have something for everyone. I'm a snowboarder who recently switched to skiing, so the rep helped me figure out which skis match my ability level so I wasn't skiing on anything too advanced for me. Our employees can do the same for you when you come in to pick out a new pair of skis. -Nakita


Stockli: "The Stockli skis were a huge hit with everyone; they were confidence-inspiring and had an excellent hold even along icy patches on the trail." -Grace


Head: Head has brought us some fantastic front side carving skis that are very stable at high speeds. No matter how fast I was going, I felt confident going into each turn. -Chris



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