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Get Fat this Year!

We have reached a unanimous decision here in our bike shop--fat bikes are the absolute best things ever. Allowing you to ride all year long, over snow, sand and everything in between! Head down to our shop, take one for a test ride, and start enjoying the winter chill!




Why Fat Bikes?   They are the cool kids of our stock this winter, and we can't stop riding them! These bad boys can float over the toughest obstacles with ease, and the best part is, they were built for snow and sand. The warm weather this year has certainly extended our mountain biking season, but fat bikes allow the season to be extended indefinitely with the ability to ride easily over snow-packed trails. We stock fat bikes from Specialized, Cannondale, Charge and Salsa. Read what our most avid fat-bikers love most about riding in the snow!


"While most people see a fat bike as an alternative bike for winter riding, I like it because of the added performance it offers. The increased tire footprint offers added traction in steeper and more technical terrain." -John 


"The great thing is that although most fat tire bikes are rigid, the tires are wide enough that they actually act as suspension. It won't work the same if they are completely inflated, but if you run the pressure a little lower, the tires will deform over rocks and other terrain." -Shane 


Specialized Fatboy 24



 "It's pretty rad. And confidence-inspiring!" -Mike H.


"Being able to bike year-round is the absolute best part of it. Even the same old trails feel like all new terrain when you're on the snow. It's easier to do night riding too, because any light will reflect off the snow and illuminate everything. The grip on snow is crazy! Most high-end bikes don't have grip shifts, but a lot of fat bikes do so you can shift easily while wearing winter gloves." -Tyler


"It's really nice to be able to ride in the sand, whether it's soft dry sand or packed. Having more surface area in the tires gives you better steering and grip." -Will 


Cannondale FAT CAAD 1



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