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Why We Love Hobie

Last week we spent a beautiful sunny morning down at our secret demo pond testing out the new Hobie boats and boards. Our rep came down and showed us all the ins and outs of these new products, so that in turn, we can show our customers exactly what makes these watercrafts so special. We interviewed several of our staff members who got the chance to test them out, and the unanimous decision seemed to be that Hobie has lived up to its hype, and is probably the most fun product that is currently in our store. 

2_thumbsup "For being so stable, I thought they would be slower, but they are so fast! The Revolution 13 especially flew through the water. They're really fast, really stable, and really easy to use."


4 "The experience of using the Mirage Drive is such a different experience from using a paddle. It brings a whole new level to the kayaking experience. It's almost like an entirely new sport." -Kyle

"I went to the demo with no preconceived notions or expectations... I had no idea what it would be like. After ten minutes of pedaling around I had a permanent grin on my face and was ready to buy a Hobie of my own!" -Tim


"Being a sailor, having the ability to add a sail to any of the Mirage series boats is super beneficial. Being able to paddle, pedal or sail gets you further faster and out longer." -Nakita


"The Mirage line offers such a different experience from anything else we sell. It's endless fun. They're also surprisingly easy to use. Everyone needs to try these boats." -Chris

"The seats on the kayaks are awesome! I've never been in a kayak with seats quite like this--they are so comfortable and so adjustable so you can really sit any way you want in the boat. And the best part is, when you get to your destination, you can pop it off and use it as a beach chair." -Mike

9 "The boards are so incredibly fun--it really is a whole new experience and a whole new workout. I feel like these boards will allow people to stay out longer and not get tired as quickly as on a traditional SUP. Plus, anyone with back problems will have a much easier time on these than paddling an SUP." -Grace


"Hobie has their product really dialed in. It's so impressive how much power the mirage drive can deliver. They also have some of the coolest angler kayaks I have ever seen in their pro angler series." -Tyler 



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