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Buying Your Kid a Bike

Buying your kid a new bike is an exciting experience for both you and your little one, we are here to guide you in any way we can. There certainly are lots of options to consider in the search for a new kid's bike, and there are some concerns to be aware of too. 

We have our opinions (read hands-on experience) of some of the lower priced box store bikes, and we realize that our bikes are not your cheapest option. We carry kids bikes from Cannondale and Specialized. The quality of these bikes is very high, they are built with parts that take longer to wear out and will be around for a while. That means that you can hand them down between kids, resell them, and most importantly you can rest assured that the parts aren't going to wear out while your child is riding the bike full speed down a hill.

This brings up a topic that is very important to all of us: Safety.

  1. Our bikes are built by certified mechanics, infact we have the only two Barnett Bicycle Institute graduates in CT right now.
  2. Our bikes are backed by 2 of the biggest brand names in cycling.
  3. Our bikes all come with a FREE 30 day Tune-Up and Safety Check to be sure that you continue to be safe after you leave our store.

These things are very important to us. We want you and your family to enjoy cycling for years to come, and we want you to do so safely. Please come visit us and we can tell you more about what makes the perfect bike for your child.

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