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Norwalk River Valley Trail

The proposed Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT) will provide a 38 mile route (including loops) for cyclists, hikers, and walkers from Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, Connecticut, north to Danbury, Connecticut.  NRVT will connect to rail stations, schools and offices, offering clean, green transportation as well as recreational opportunities. 

 Wilton Loop

Currently, work is underway  on the Wilton Center Loop, which will run on the  west side through Wilton Center, and on the east side from Orem's Diner up to Cannondale Crossing and the rail station, primarily following DOT land reserved for the Super 7 project.  Construction of an approximately 1/2 mile section of trail, beginning at the intersection of Route 106 (Wolfpit Road) and Route 7, should commence at the end of 2013 and provide a vision of the completed trail.  The balance of the east side should be constructed in 2014.  Please go to  The Wilton Center Loop   for more information and donation/volunteer opportunities.


We have created a display in our store to showcase the trail maps created as part of the NRVT study. This display shows the latest info about where the trail is planned, what exists today, and how the sections will best link together. Please come in to see the display and explore the details of this great plan.


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