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Ski Necessities

Ski season is coming up fast, and those items that you might think of as accessories to your ski outfit are in fact full blown necessities. Your helmet and goggles will keep you safe on the trail, and your gaiter or neckwarmer will do far more to keep you warm and dry than a tradition scarf. We have lots of new, innovative products in our ski shop this year along with tried and true favorites that we continue to stand by. 

One feature we are very excited about in many of our new helmets is MIPS. MIPS is a multi-directional impact protection system.  Between the helmet and your head there is a low friction liner that helps reduce rotational energy to the brain in an angle impact.  More simply said, by having the MIPS layer in the helmet, there is less chance of a concussion to the brain. Our current helmets are now 85% MIPS equipped, and by next year will be 100%.


Giro Range - The Range (unisex) and Stellar (women's specific) have the smallest profiles of any other helmet on the market. They are made with Conform Fit Technology, which not only removes excess bulk and gives them a sleeker look, but also changes the way you adjust the helmet. When you tighten your helmet, it's not just the back strap on the inside that tightens, but the actual shell of the helmet conforms to your head.

Giro Contact - the Contact from Giro uses magnets in its Lens Interchange System to make switching your lenses incredibly quick and easy. The Contact comes with two premium lenses, one for bright sunshine and the other for more overcast conditions.

Skida Alpine Neckwarmer - This Vermont-based brand creates colorful, printed neckwarmers made of a poly-blend outer fabric to wick moisture away, and a Polartec micro-fleece lining to keep your neck and face toasty warm.


POC Skull Orbix - This helmet is FIS-certified, which is mandatory for racing in any sanctioned USSA race. Most helmets are made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) material, and are considered "one and done"--if you have one major impact, you need to replace the helmet. However, the Skull Orbix is made with EPP (expanded polypropelyne), which can withstand multiple impacts.

Oakley Airbrake - This goggle comes with 2 Prizm lenses, enhance the visibility of snow texture and cover a wide range of light conditions. These goggles come with one lens that is best for overcast days and one that performs well in both sunny and cloudy conditions.

Turtle Fur The Turtle's Neck - The original double-layer fleece neck warmer for kids will keep your little ones warm and cozy on even the coldest days. 


Smith Vantage - While most adjustable helmets just have one strap around the back that tightens, the Vantage incorporates a dual BOA adjustment system that wraps around 360 degrees for an enhanced fit. It has MIPS to offer extra protection, and dual ventilation so that you can close the vents if it gets too cold. It also has a feature called Koroyd, which is a layer beneath the exterior that (looks like a honeycomb, and) increases impact resistance.

Smith Scope - The Scope goggle is one of Smith's best-selling items. Smith uses airflow lens technology and a Fog-X anti-fog inner lens to keep things clear and fog-free in all conditions.

BUFF Polar BUFF - The Polar BUFF has a cylindrical piece of Classic Polartech fleece sewn into one end for added warmth. BUFF products are very versatile and can be work as a neeck warmer, headband, mask, balaklava, beanie... the list goes on!


Giro Crue - This is one of the few children's helmets on the market with MIPS, making it an excellent choice for little skiers and riders. In addition, it has a considerably harder shell than a lot of other kid's helmets, making it particularly durable.

Anon Tracker - The Tracker goggle for kids features cylindrical lens technology to decrease distortion, and Over-the-Glasses (OTG) compatibility, allowing kids to have more worry-free fun on the slopes.

Turtle Fur Comfort Shell Frostklava Print Jr. - These vibrant Balaclavas cover the head and neck for extra warmth. They are made of moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric and lined with soft micro fleece, and fit comfortably under the helmet.

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