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20% Off All Thule and Yakima Products

THULE and Yakima products are going on sale at 20% off, just in time to get geared up for spring! Get your car equipped for all the exciting activities that are coming our way as temperatures begin to rise. From boat and bike racks all the way to backpacks and strollers, we have all the THULE and Yakima products you need to have a perfect season in the sun.

May 19th - 29th: 20% off all Thule & Yakima products!


Thule Bike

Other shops may have the same sale pricing on Thule racks, but we offer free professional installation same day.


We've long had a close relationship with Thule, and our rack department trains at the Thule factory every year to make sure we know the ins and outs of every Thule product and installation.

Thule WallCome in soon and get great pricing on a rack system installed on your vehicle or a carrier for your next adventure.

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