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Our ski shop has been the core of our organization since the start. We are very much a hands on group, and that pays off for our loyal customers who walk away satisfied time after time. We offer performance guarantees on every ski and boot that we fit. Our boot fitters are among the best in the business, they all stand on many years of experience.  We take pride in providing each customer a genuinely customized experience. Please come see us, you'll feel the difference right away.

If snowboarding is your style, we have what you are looking for. We stock a large selection of boards, boots, and bindings for every skill level, there is a kit here for you. 

Daily Ski & Snowboard Rental Packages


Enjoy more of winter by learning to ski or snowboard. Our daily rental packages make it easy to get fit and out the door, on the right equipment for your skill level. Renting in-store rather than at the mountain will save you valuable time and money on your trip. Try out night skiing after work at a local mountain that's closer and more convenient or a weekend away with our flex rates (below). Daily packages are available throughout the entire ski season, September 1st until April. Fall in love with winter and all it has to offer!


Daily Ski and Snowboard Rental Package Rates



First 2 days

Additional Day

Skis, Boots & Poles



Skis Only



Boots Only



Snowboard, Boots & Bindings



Snowboard & Bindings



Snowboard Boots Only




Commonly Asked Questions: 

How far in advance should I get fitted? We encourage everyone to come in as early as possible, but realistically two days in advance from when you plan to leave on your ski trip. After you've been fitted, our shop will make the proper adjustments to your skis or snowboard, and they will email or call you for pickup. Our system will save your size and measurements, making it easier and more convenient for the next time you need daily rentals!

When do you charge my card? We will charge your card when you come in to get fit and make your reservation. Each additional day on the mountain is $10 extra. 

When do I need to return my skis by?  We give each customer a grace period of two days for travel time! For example, if you are skiing Saturday and Sunday, you will have Friday to pick up your skis and then can return them on Monday.  



Ski and Snowboard Workshop and Tuning


At Outdoor Sports Center, our ski workshop has been the top facility for ski maintenance and repair in the region for several decades. We have top of the line equipment you won't find anywhere else, like our brand new Wintersteiger tuning machine, as well as the most experienced technicians in the area. On top of all that, we offer a truly unprecedented level of service that sets us apart and is one of the many reasons people have been coming to us for years. We have a reputation for providing the top level of service that we stand behind no matter what. Stop in and let us take care of all your ski or snowboard gear this season; we'd be proud to help!


Ski and Snowboard Workshop and Tuning Rates


Ski Tuning    
Junior Tune   $35
Basic Tune   $45
Performance Tune   $65
Basic Wax   $10
Performance Wax   $20


Race Tuning     
Race Tune   $98
Race Prparation   $45
Infrared Wax Treatment   $30
Stone Grind   $60


Snowboard Tuning    
Junior Tune   $30
Basic Tune   $40
Performance Tune   $50
Basic Wax   $10
Performance Wax   $20


Mounting | Remount    
Binding Check   $20
Alpine Skis   $60
Snowboard   $35
Cross Country Skis   $30
Telemark Skis   $60


Edge Repair (per inch)   $35
Edge Replace (per inch)   $45
Topsheet Epoxy (per inch)   $10
Metal Grip   $10
Patch   $45-60

Ski & Snowboard Rental Packages


Our ski and snowboard rental program is the best deal going. We offer top notch gear at the lowest prices available. Season Rentals run from September 1st through April, and Daily Rentals are available throughout the entire ski season. Each junior package comes with free lift tickets to a wide variety of New England ski resorts.*


Season Ski and Snowboard Rental Package Rates


  Junior (12 and under) Adult
Used skis, boots & poles package $95 $140
New skis, boots & poles package $165 $265
New skis, used boots & poles package $160 $250
Used skis & poles, new boots package $130 $185
Used skis $75 $90
New skis $135 $200
Used ski boots $30 $65
New ski boots $70 $115
Snowboard, boots & bindings package $125 $155
Snowboard $90 $110
Snowboard boots $65 $75

Daily Ski and Snowboard Rental Package Rates


  First 2 days Additional Day
Skis, Boots & Poles $50 $10
Skis Only $40 $10
Boots Only $20 $5
Snowboard, Boots & Bindings $50 $10
Snowboard & Bindings $40 $10
Snowboard Boots Only $20 $5



Ticket vouchers are included from New England Resorts.

* While supplies last. Offer valid only for juniors or young adults 19 and under.
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Commonly Asked Questions:

How long does it take to get fitted?

It takes around 15-20 minutes for us to go through the whole process of fitting each person.

What is the turnaround time for me to get my ski package?
After you've been fitted, our shop will make the proper adjustments to your skis or snowboard, and they will be ready for pick up in one week.

When do you start to run out?

We encourage everyone to come in as early as possible; being that rental season opens September 1st, the supply of skis and boards dwindles by December, so try to come in sooner for the largest selection!

When is the best time to beat the crowd?

We recommend coming in anytime during the week or bringing your kids to get fitted after school! Weekends and school holidays tend to be busier with a longer wait time.

Do you have twin tips?

We only have junior size twin tips in a small quantity, so come in early for these!

Can you rent helmets?

We don't rent helmets, and we encourage everyone to buy their own helmet. Renting helmets can be risky for safety reasons.

How old can my child start renting?

When your children start skiing depends more on their size than their age. If your children can fit safely and comfortably into a pair of ski boots, you can begin to teach them to ski!

Are there any other options besides renting to get great skis for my kids?

We know that children grow rapidly, and renting is often the most practical option until they stop growing. However, if you would prefer to buy brand new equipment for your child rather than rent, our Junior Buy Back Program gives credit towards new equipment when your kids grow to need a bigger size. If you return equipment in usable condition after one year, you will receive a 60% credit towards your next ski purchase. After two years, you will receive a 40% credit if you return usable equipment. Deal only viable for the same child, with the original receipt to receive credit. Please ask for more details.

What is the cost of the rental program?

Rental prices vary by age rather than by the size of the equipment. Ages 12 and under rent at junior prices and 13 and older are adults. See above for a more specific list of our rental prices!

Custom Ski Boot Fitting


At Outdoor Sports Center, we take the utmost pride and care in getting you set up with the right equipment. First and foremost, all of our fitting staff ski or ride. With over 100 years of combined fitting experience there is no fit obstacle we can't overcome, and you are sure to leave with the right equipment for you.

From the second you walk in the door, we start spending time with you building a profile of your skier type, style, experience level, what type of skiing you do, and where you like to ski. After that, our boot fitters select which boots best fit your needs and start the fitting process.

Custom shell work

After measuring and evaluating your feet, our fitters get you into a boot and insole that is right for you. Whether you need custom insoles, custom molded shells like the 360° Custom Shell from Salomon, or custom shell work, we have the equipment and the knowledge to get you set up right.

Custom shell work2

What is the best part? All boot fitting is free of charge when you buy your boots here, and we guarantee every single boot fit that goes out the door. Don't like how your boot skied? Bring it back and we'll get it right.


Travel Luggage


When traveling for a ski trip, stressing over awkward luggage and new airport regulations is extra baggage you just don't need! If you're planning to fly with your equipment, it's important to make sure your skis are safe and secure so you can have a worry-free trip. We nailed down our tried and true ways to keep your equipment protected in transit. 





Travel Tip: Always carry on your boots.

We recommend always taking your boots along on your trip for comfort factor. Packing a boot-specific bag as your carry-on helps separate items, making it easier to go through security. The Thule Roundtrip Boot Bag or Transpack TRV Pro (or Edge Junior for kids) are both designed as backpacks, making it comfortable to take anywhere.



Travel tip: Hard cases are the best option for shipping skis.

The Hard Case Shuttle from Transpack is a hard-sided, rolling case that gives your equipment the best possible protection. Interior straps hold your gear in place, and the case is adjustable so when you're not using it, it shrinks down to a smaller size for easy storage.  This is the best option for shipping your skis to your destination-you can slap a shipping label right on the case and send it out as is! 




Travel Tip: Padded cases are the most versatile option.

While hard cases are said to be the safest option when checking your skis on a plane, padded cases like the Kulkea Katanja offer much more versatility. With a full-length zipper and straps that hold your skis and poles against the padded sides, there is plenty of room to pack in your ski clothes and other gear, which also offers additional padding.

The RoundTrip Double Snowboard Roller from Thule is specifically made to hold snowboards! Compression straps hold your board in place, and there is plenty of additional room to fit your boots in as well.



Travel Tip: For protecting your skis on bus trips, opt for a non-padded case.

For those junior skiers who take lots of trips via bus, pick up a Transpack Alpine Junior Ski Bag. These bags are a great way to protect your skis from getting scratched when they're packed on a bus with other peoples' equipment.

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