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Our ski shop has been the core of our organization since the start. We are very much a hands on group, and that pays off for our loyal customers who walk away satisfied time after time. We offer performance guarantees on every ski and boot that we fit. Our boot fitters are among the best in the business, they all stand on many years of experience.  We take pride in providing each customer a genuinely customized experience. Please come see us, you'll feel the difference right away.

If snowboarding is your style, we have what you are looking for. We stock a large selection of boards, boots, and bindings for every skill level, there is a kit here for you. 

Travel Luggage


When traveling for a ski trip, stressing over awkward luggage and new airport regulations is extra baggage you just don't need! If you're planning to fly with your equipment, it's important to make sure your skis are safe and secure so you can have a worry-free trip. We nailed down our tried and true ways to keep your equipment protected in transit. 



BOOT BAGS bootbags

Travel Tip: Always carry on your boots.

We recommend always taking your boots along on your trip for comfort factor. Packing a boot-specific bag as your carry-on helps separate items, making it easier to go through security. The Thule Roundtrip Boot Bag or Transpack TRV Pro (or Edge Junior for kids) are both designed as backpacks, making it comfortable to take anywhere.



Travel tip: Hard cases are the best option for shipping skis.

The Hard Case Shuttle from Transpack is a hard-sided, rolling case that gives your equipment the best possible protection. Interior straps hold your gear in place, and the case is adjustable so when you're not using it, it shrinks down to a smaller size for easy storage.  This is the best option for shipping your skis to your destination-you can slap a shipping label right on the case and send it out as is! 





Travel Tip: Padded cases are the most versatile option.

While hard cases are said to be the safest option when checking your skis on a plane, padded cases like the Kulkea Katanja offer much more versatility. With a full-length zipper and straps that hold your skis and poles against the padded sides, there is plenty of room to pack in your ski clothes and other gear, which also offers additional padding.

The RoundTrip Double Snowboard Roller from Thule is specifically made to hold snowboards! Compression straps hold your board in place, and there is plenty of additional room to fit your boots in as well.


Travel Tip: For protecting your skis on bus trips, opt for a non-padded case.

For those junior skiers who take lots of trips via bus, pick up a Transpack Alpine Junior Ski Bag. These bags are a great way to protect your skis from getting scratched when they're packed on a bus with other peoples' equipment.

Staff Ski Day at Mohawk Mountain


On March 11th, we closed the store and headed up to the mountain for a staff ski day! This was the first time in the store's history that we closed for reasons other than weather, and it was such an amazing opportunity to all be able to hit the slopes together! We had a delicious barbeque lunch on the deck, and several of our brand representatives came to hang out and let us test the new equipment. The conditions could not have been better; with temperatures reaching nearly 60 degrees we were able to ski in our sweatshirts and never had to worry about going inside to warm up. The snow was nice and soft, and many of us were able to make the first tracks of the day! This has been an excellent winter for snow sports, and there was no better way to say goodbye to winter than with a ski day like this. 

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Ski Demo Days


Last week we had the amazing opportunity to hit the slopes on some of the best powder days of the season! Driving up in the crazy storm only heightened our excitement about our favorite event of the year, Demo Days at Mount Snow and Stratton Mountain! During Demo Days, we had the opportunity to test out tons of new skis and snowboards for the 2015-2016 season. Dozens of manufacturers had booths set up at the base of the mountain, and we were able to ski or ride with a representative from the company who's equipment we were using. We returned at the end of the week exhausted, elated, and filled with stories... and we can't wait to share our experiences with you! Here is an overview of the equipment that we highly recommend getting your hands on next winter!




Head - Monster 88
This ski handles all conditions and blasts through crud. Several of our skiers reported that they hold very well on any type of snow. The Monster 88 is an excellent all-mountain ski!

Salomon - Gemma
Specifically designed for women, the Gemma is a shorter ski and is excellent for carving. It is very good for short turns. Our skiers loved the black, purple and pink graphic that brightens up these skis!

K2 - Pinnacle
K2 is introducing the Pinnacle ski this year, and one of our skiers noticed an excellent innovation compared to other skis by K2. He tested out these skis and loved them, reporting that "to reduce swing weight, they took material out of the center of the tip and tail where it didn't need to be, and it was very noticeable."

Blizzard - Peacemaker
The Peacemaker is a twin-tip ski, making it an excellent choice for those of you who love the terrain park! However, it's great as an all-mountain ski as well. It is stable at high speeds and holds an edge very well. One of our skiers referred to it as "a one-ski quiver," and another said it was "the best all-around ski I stepped into this year!" Overall, this was definitely a favorite of ours!






Libtech - Zoid
Our riders loved this board! All Libtech boards feature Magne-traction edges, meaning that the edges of the board are equipped with shallow dimples that help with traction and give the board more contact points. One of our riders reached 52 mph on this board-wow!!

Capita - Horoscope
For those of you who spend most of your time in the terrain park, this is your board! The Horoscope is very flexible, making it excellent for jibbing and mastering those jumps and obstacles.

Capita - Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising is a great all-mountain board, and very fast! One of our riders got up to 47 mph riding this board. Needless to say, it is definitely a favorite of ours.





Snowboard Bindings


Union - Forge
The Forge bindings have a high back and are made of carbon, making them very lightweight.

Union - Contact
These bindings are incredibly simple to use, making them one of our riders' favorites. They are super lightweight and very comfortable.






Glide Through Winter


Here are the three top reasons why you should try cross country
skiing this year:

1. The workout: Offering one of the best full-body workouts out of any sport, cross country skiing works just about every muscle in your body.  It's one of the most demanding cardio sports out there; using a combination of coordination and power, cross country skiing burns as many calories as running while gliding with the ease of skating.

2. The quick learning curve: The technique of cross country skiing is simple to pick up, quickly becoming a lifelong sport that is easy on the joints and low impact. Even the skis are easier to maintain; most of them are waxless, needing fewer tune-ups than downhill skis.

3. The convenience: You aren't as limited when it comes to where you can cross country ski. As long as there is enough snow and a clear path you can roam anywhere; just be sure any obstacles such as rocks and roots are covered in a heavy layer! We suggest a local state park that already has trails, or a golf course with smooth ground and rolling hills. If there aren't any nearby, don't be afraid to ski right out your door and down a non-busy side street.


Ready to give Cross Country a try?

The Brands we Carry
Fischer is one of the top brands in Nordic skiing and is the last Austrian ski manufacturer in family ownership. All skis are designed and manufactured in Austria. We carry several models of skis, boots, and bindings from Fischer, as well as skis and boots from Rossignol and poles from Leki.



If you'd rather move through the snow at a slower pace, snowshoeing
is the way to go. Get your complete setup for winter hiking and exploring here!

Snowshoe Highlight: We carry snowshoes from MSR and Cresent Moon. The Cresent Moon's all new Eva-All Snowshoe, won "Best in Show" and "The Most Important New Product" awards of the year. Made from foam they are lightweight and easier to walk in with the same flexible rocker found in any running shoe. 
Wear With: Any hiking boot or winter boot such as Sorel, Baffin or North Face.
Smart Add-on: The Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiter has wide Velcro that fits over multiple layers. It has a lifetime warranty and is completely waterproof. When trekking through the woods or deep snow, Gaiters stop snow from getting in your boots and keep you completely dry.